Every Whichways is Upwards

by Small Wonder

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Gabby had this dream that she told me about where I'd gone crazy, and I was at a show that she was playing, and I was a comic artist now and I had written this comic about our relationship and when it got to our breakup the pages were just black and scribbles and me screaming.
When Gabby started playing I started freaking out and staring at the ceiling, rocking back and forwards, screaming "EVERY WHICHWAYS IS UPWARDS, EVERY WHICHWAYS IS UPWARDS"

This album was born out of worry and depression and sadness and all that good stuff, but it was also born to try to remind myself that things are good too, that there are lights in the sky, and that you have to get up in the morning if you want to see the sun, you know?

Thanks to Jack Greenleaf, Felix Walworth, and Oliver Kalb, my brothers in arms, mischief, and music. Thanks to Ian Cory, Eli Sidman, Charlie Dore Young, Jack Ferencz, Lucas McCaslin Tola Brennan, Kate Weinreich, and everyone else who grew up with me in that basement on 9th street.

I want to thank Richard Gin, Aidan Diekman, Scout Pare Phillips, Banks Harris, Noa Jaffe, Kane Balser, Lucio Westmoreland, Sierra Bouloufa, Nadia Ogbor, Maya Cramer, Celina Leroy, and Calvin Grad.
Thank you to everyone I met in chicago, Josh Oakley, Spencer Zidirich, Aaron Sheehan, Montana Levy, Dave Collis, Dan Ott, Taylor Sokol, Ryan Pigg, Dani Beutell, and of course Steve Harrison

thank you to all the women in my life up until now, namely Eliza Ahearn, Caitlin Mahoney, Aviva Tilson, Gabby Smith, and Megan Capps. thanks for being inspiration enough for the rest of my life.

Finally, thank you Suzy Cutler. This album is for you, every song on this album is about you, and for you. I'm sorry that everything is ruined, and that you'll probably never read this, or hear this album.
I miss you and love you.

Remember everyone

Every Whichways is Upwards
Every Whichways is Upwards
Every Whichways is Upwards

thank you, and I hope you like it

the epoch is now
Henry Crawford


released April 17, 2011

Written/Produced/Engineered/Performed by Henry Crawford

Cover Concept By Henry Crawford
Photo By Richard Gin



all rights reserved


Small Wonder New York

Small Wonder plays agnostic gospel

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